Agricultural Classification

Application and Return for Agricultural Classification of Lands (DR-482)

Exemption Applications & Forms

Ad Valorem Tax Exemption and Return (DR-504)

Application for Assessment Reduction [Parents/Grandparents]

Application for Senior Exemption

Assessment Application for Conservation (R-482C)

Homestead Application (DR-501)

Transfer of Homestead (DR-501T)

Eligibility Criteria to Quality for Property Tax Exemption (DR-501S)

Optometrist’s Certification of Total and Permanent Disability – (DR-416B)

Permanent Resident Affidavit

Physician’s Certification of Total and Permanent Disability (DR-416)

Real Property Dedicated for Conservation (DR-418C)


Application for Combination/Split

Request for Combination

Request for Split

Public Records Exempt

Release of Public Records from Exempt Parcels

Request for Exemption from Public Records Disclosure

Value Adjust Board (VAB)

VAB Petition for Portability (DR-486PORT)

VAB Petition to Board (DR-486)

VAB Info Sheet Needed with DR-486

VAB withdrawal of Petition (DR-485wi)

Tangible Personal Property (TPP)

Tangible Personal property Form (DR-405)

TPP Affidavit for Business Disposition

2023 Index Factors – Present Worth Table

2023 Life Assignment Guide

Tangible Personal Property Extension Form

Code & Class Descriptions

Property Use Codes

Commercial Construction Class Descriptions

Sub Area Codes