$50,000 Homestead Exemption

Every person who on January 1 of the current year has legal title or beneficial title in equity to real property in this state and who in good faith makes the property his or her permanent residence or the permanent residence of another or others legally or naturally dependent upon him or her, qualifies for this exemption. You may apply in person at any time through the year, but the deadline is March 1 of the qualifying year.

First time applicants must come to our office in person. Spouses information is required if property is jointly owned. You will need to bring:

  • Florida Drivers License or ID with correct mailing address.
  • Florida vehicle registration with correct mailing address.(If you own a vehicle)
  • Flagler County Voter’s Registration with correct mailing address. (If you vote)
  • Social Security Numbers for all applicants and spouse.
  • If you were not born in the US, we will need to see proof of citizenship or permanent residency.
  • If the property is in a Trust, we will need to see a copy of the entire Trust.
  • Copy of recorded deed or tax bill.
  • Copy of Mobile Home Registration or Titles if you live in a mobile home.


$5,000 Widow/Widower Exemption

A widow or widower who is a legal and permanent resident of Florida qualifies for this exemption. If the surviving spouse remarries, they are no longer eligible. If the husband and wife were divorced before their spouse’s death, the survivor is not eligible. You need to produce a copy of the death certificate when filing for the first time.

$5,000 Disability Exemption

People who are permanently disabled are eligible for this exemption. If applying for the first time, please provide a Physician’s Certificate from a licensed Florida physician.

$5,000 Blind Exemption

Every Florida resident who is blind qualifies for this exemption. If filing for the first time, please bring a certificate from the Division of Blind Services or an Optometrist’s Certificate verifying the applicant to be legally blind. The Optometrist’s Certificate can be found on our web site in the Forms to download section.

Total Exemptions

Honorably discharged veterans who are totally and permanently Disabled due to service connected disability qualify for this exemption. If filing for the first time, please provide a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs that verifies your disability. If you are a paraplegic, hemiplegic or other totally and permanently disabled person who must use a wheelchair for mobility or who is legally blind, you may also be exempt from taxation. Please read the State of Florida Eligibility Criteria sheet in our forms to download section for further instructions.


For information on Senior Homestead Exemption and Veteran/Service member Exemptions please refer to the Exemption tab.

It is very important to remember that if you sell your home and buy another home in Flagler County, you must come in to the office to make new application. The homestead exemption DOES NOT automatically follow you to your new home.